Employees should understand the business concept of the company

The management concept is interpreted in the mind of Matsushita Konosuke as “the purpose of doing business and the sense of mission of the manager.” This concept has brought this kind of behavior from a simple profit-making activity to a whole new level, that is, operating for an ideal belief. Matsushita said: “Various factors in business operations are very important, such as technical strength, sales ability, funding, and personnel.

But the most fundamental and most important thing is the correct business concept. “Only based on business concepts, can personnel, technology, and capital be truly effective. On the other hand, if an enterprise has a correct management concept, it is easy to produce these personnel, technology, capital, etc. from it.

If you still don’t fully understand the true meaning of the business concept, please take a look at the following example: a city has recently built a library, and all kinds of equipment are very modern. In the spacious lobby and comfortable chairs, the administrators sit in front of the electronic screen to manage the library’s books. Compared with other jobs, the salary here is high, the workload is small, and the environment is comfortable. There is really nothing to criticize. The administrators who first came here were indeed proud of it for a while, but it didn’t take long before their complaints began, and finally they started asking for weekend holidays, even though they knew that it was the peak period for readers to borrow books…

In this example, the hired administrators obviously don’t know what their business philosophy is. In fact, as a member of the library, they should be serving readers as their purpose, but now, there is no so-called business philosophy in their thinking, so they don’t know why they work.

Sometimes some people think that the business philosophy is a very empty thing, but in fact, the implementation of the business philosophy should be very specific in the action. When every employee is working, he should be very aware of their products. It is part of the total product of society. When assuming obligations for other people in the society, the business philosophy will actually penetrate into their hearts.

The importance of business philosophy should be clearly understood. “Making money is the mission of an enterprise, and the purpose of businessmen is to make a profit.” But at the same time, “taking on the responsibility of contributing to society is the first mission of an enterprise.” From this point of view, the management of an enterprise should also include the responsibility of cultivating people for society who can repay it. When the workers in the pharmaceutical factory realize their social obligation to treat diseases and save people, when the workers in the automobile factory realize that they are responsible for the safety of others, and when your employees realize the responsibility of their work to the country and society, they How can a sense of responsibility and pride arise spontaneously? How can they not work harder?

Generally speaking, the more qualified employees are, the more profoundly they understand the business philosophy of the company-of course, in a business that is not very failed. Working hard for the company for a long time will make them gradually attracted by something other than salary. They know why they work and what their work means to the whole society. This is one of the advantages of older employees. On the contrary, new employees tend to appear impetuous and impatient. They pay more attention to personal income, promotion status and some very “practical things”. When the work results cannot satisfy their personal desires, it is easy. Make some extreme moves. Maybe you think they are really superficial, but everyone will have immature practices in their youth. Therefore, patiently and effectively guide them to establish the correct business philosophy is an obligation of an enterprise for the society, and it is also a work that a supervisor must do.

One thing to note is that you should not over formalize your corporate culture. For example, in order to show your spirit, it is really unnecessary for some companies to let their employees do morning exercises at the gate every morning. The training of correct management concepts must come from the managers’ deep understanding of management concepts and corporate culture, rather than imitating. Helping employees to establish a good and healthy business concept cannot be done overnight, it requires a long-term process. In modern Chinese enterprises, some visionary managers have become more and more aware of the importance of corporate culture. For example, Qingdao Haier and Sichuan Changhong have established a good corporate culture, and made it fully applied to the business management and actual work of the employees, and finally achieved excellent results.

As a leader, your expectations have a very important impact on how active employees are. Employees need to know what is in your mind and what you expect from them.

Expectation does not simply refer to the completion of major work goals, it also has a lot to do with daily work. The responsible leader expects his employees to go to and from get off work on time, attend meetings on time, arrive at the agreed time, and not let others wait long; expect their employees to respond to calls, reply letters, and keep their promises; expect employees to be polite, And prove that they respect everyone; they expect their employees to be open and honest while being good at listening.

These expectations are in fact common sense. In other words, there is no need to write them all down and turn them into bureaucratic procedures, but everyone must clearly understand these expectations in their minds. If it is not clarified, the standards will be eroded, and there will be disorganized chaos.

Expectations also include clear work goals and objectives. Every employee wants to understand the leadership’s expectations of his work. However, in this regard, only the description of the nature of the work hardly works. The most important expectation is to focus on what a person must accomplish at work. A good leader expects his employees to decide the best way to accomplish this goal.

As a leader, if you fail to clarify your expectations or fail to reach agreement with employees, you will have a bad reaction. Employees will think that you are weak, unsure, unreliable, confused, and confused. On the contrary, if you have clear expectations, you will increase your trust and be respected. This process can operate informally, but it must be established and consolidated through its own actions. At the beginning, you can assume a high standard. When employees do not meet this standard, your answer should be helpful and constructive. They will quickly understand what you expect them to do.

We must understand the importance of clear expectations. Without clear expectations, employees will not understand the direction of their efforts at work, will have no sense of certainty, will become psychologically fragile, and will not be able to withstand setbacks.

Employees expect a lot of leaders, and leaders also expect employees to do more work for themselves. In order to adapt to the environment and defeat your competitors, you must get as much as possible from your employees. Because your customers will only ask for more and more from you. If you can’t satisfy them, they will look for other people who can satisfy them.

Your high expectations should involve all aspects of your employees’ work. Their working hours should be at least the same as the required time; they should go all out during working hours, or even do more; take more responsibilities and obligations when you are away, and work proactively.

In addition, you should expect them to be consistent with their words and deeds, to be the same; to be dignified and polite to everyone; to put customer requirements first, to be willing to serve and satisfy customers, and even to serve customers as pleasure; to save The company’s financial resources; to correct you when you make a mistake, and do your best to support your work.

These are what you expect. But you must also understand what your employees want from you. Both leaders and employees hope to get something from each other.

Sometimes, your employees cannot meet your expectations, and perhaps you cannot meet their expectations, but it does not matter. In real life, we will not succeed forever. There will be failures if there is success, and no sports champion can guarantee that they will win every game. No matter how good the team is, there will be failures.

So, when you expect too much and get very little, don’t complain, you should seize the opportunity to learn. Sometimes, failure will push them to the next level and make them progress. The key is to accept the lesson of failure, and not to fool yourself into saying that you have succeeded.

Between you and your employees, the most important thing is to respond to your own requirements before expecting the other party to make all the efforts. When you push yourself to work in the established direction, you will find that the employees follow you.

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