To effectively implement business management and improve corporate physique—Talking about constructing own business management models and cases

Major flight safety and industrial safety incidents occurred in Taiwan in recent days. After the Penghu air crash of TransAsia Airways on July 23, a leak of propylene pipeline occurred in Kaohsiung on July 31 in just one week, causing 40 and 20 deaths, respectively. More than 300 people were injured in the gas explosion in Kaohsiung. During this period, there was an explosion in a Taiwanese-owned factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China on August 2, which also caused more than 70 deaths…

In the media reports, they all pointed out that the main reason for the air crash was bad weather, and questioned the appropriateness of flight timing and airlines’ decision-making and management issues. After the gas explosion in Kaohsiung, it highlighted the dangers of buried underground pipelines and the hidden problems of urban development in the industrialization era. It also revealed the problems of corporate industrial safety monitoring and abnormal judgment and urban management. There have been so many unfortunate incidents that have affected the lives and lives of many people, and the cost and price to the society is hard to estimate. It has also caused indelible trauma in everyone’s hearts, and everyone’s maturity of the government’s management mechanism and national competition. However, these incidents that everyone hopes will not happen to me or the people around me, and everyone is unwilling to suffer such an accident. Everyone even more sympathizes and reluctantly give up these casualties. However, these sudden incidents Is it possible that the impermanence of the country can happen to us at any time? Of course, natural disasters are inevitable, but what is distressing is the harm caused by man-made disasters. Are these incidents inevitable? Many things can be prevented through management mechanisms and behaviors.

Call on business organizations to effectively implement business management and improve physical fitness

Since the 19th century, enterprises have gradually changed from industrialization to market demand-oriented service. Since this century, mankind has gradually transformed from a production-oriented mass production method to a diverse and small amount of customer-oriented demand. People’s lives have also changed from the pursuit of food and clothing. The concept of life has turned to the pursuit of a personalized lifestyle. Although there are still many countries in the stage of food and clothing and wars, with the assistance of information technology and mobile technology, the world has rapidly moved towards synchronized development. However, there are often untimely crises hidden behind the progressing countries. A few months ago, I saw the shipwreck in South Korea. There have also been many accidents in Taiwan recently. During the review process, the author believes that there are more management issues than management issues. Natural disasters are irresistible. However, the corporate organization and operation have developed to be extremely transparent. Various management mechanisms and methods have been continuously studied and applied. In recent years, it has been discovered that many corporate organizations and government agencies are dedicated to management. Realization, so that the business organizations they operate not only make contributions to the society, but also become a benchmark model, and gradually lead the rapid development of business organizations, government agencies, and social organizations. Although, with the change of the times, management development and technological progress, There are still many cases in which companies and organizations cannot effectively implement their operations and management. Organizations do not hesitate to expose employees to dangerous workplaces in order to survive, and they also cause the public to pay a heavy price for food safety and work safety issues. Advisers to promote management agencies, observe recent unfortunate events in Taiwan, and call on corporate organizations to effectively implement management, improve physical fitness, find a set of corporate organizational management, realize corporate mission and vision, attach importance to social responsibility, and make the company move towards sustainability Business development.

Make the emphasis on operation and management become the inevitable development of enterprise organization

The author participated in the consulting service of JMAC Japan Nobel Association Consulting Company. The senior consultant of JMAC proposed that business management is not knowledge but common sense based on the TOC restriction theory. After in-depth understanding, I found that the essence of business is making money, achieving customer satisfaction and fulfilling social responsibilities. There are three restrictions on business operations, one is capacity (service energy) restriction-increase production capacity and services are correct, the other is business (service quality) restriction-to improve the competitiveness of products or services, and the third is policy restriction-for all business management issues All belong to. Most of the general operators attach great importance to the first two items, believing that these are the operating expertise and the only lifeblood for obtaining orders, and they have invested heavily in technology development and equipment costs, but they often forget the essence of business. For example, in recent years, under high competitive pressure In order to reduce costs and gain profits, companies have reduced the basic quality of their products. For example, they substitute some chemical or inferior raw materials in food to sacrifice the health of consumers. They believe that technology and the market are everything, and they neglect to implement management and risk. Sustainable management practices such as control and crisis prevention have caused social losses and unrest. Therefore, exploring the basic concepts of operation and management is nothing more than realizing the purpose of the enterprise organization; operators are committed to implementing their ideas and visions; setting goals and strategies every year (regularly); in the process, using some management techniques and tools such as BSC-KPI (Balanced Scorecard-Key Performance Indicators), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) related standards, IE-SOP (Industrial Engineering-Standard Operating Procedures), LEAN (Lean), TPM (Comprehensive Productivity), ERP ( Enterprise resource planning), SCM (supply chain management), CRM (customer relationship management), KM (knowledge management), 5S (organization, reorganization, cleaning, cleaning, self-cultivation), QCC (quality control circle) and TQM (total quality management) ) And so on to make complex business activities like a neural network unfold; revise the strategic goals in the middle of the period; check to achieve or exceed the goals at the end of the period. Then, through business activities and management, the operators have formed a competitive business team and cultivated organizational talents. In addition to generating customer satisfaction, value and success, they also invest their surplus in 1. Company development 2. Shareholders’ interests 3. Employees. Welfare and 4. Social welfare. For this reason, the company can continuously review the status of the company, improve the performance of the organization, ensure the quality of products or services, adhere to the purpose of the organization, promote sustainable operation and fulfill social responsibilities, etc., and hope that readers can pay more attention to the implementation of management And the strengthening of physique has made paying attention to business management an inevitable way for the development of corporate organizations.

Talking about the construction of own management model and case

1. AT company operators operate carefully and develop the right product strategy

Recently, I had the opportunity to lead a group of operators to learn from the AT benchmark. AT was established in 1980 and went public in 2004. Its main products and services are automation, photoelectric manufacturing, energy-saving manufacturing, and remote teaching. Its development process started from the agency of electromechanical components, gradually expanded to after-sales maintenance business, and later developed market-end process equipment domestic sales business due to user needs. In addition to the original agency business, the basic principle of production equipment is not to be dedicated and competitive products, that is, the small and medium-sized products in the same industry are only invested in development, mainly in response to the improvement of equipment required by foreign suppliers, and the use of customized production-operator experience Those who can meet the needs of end customers are the winners. They also realize that products must be ambitious, have the highest market share in the industry, and become a leading brand. For example, the key to automation lies in access and release, and the most important thing is tooling and system integration, so development The graphical process is supplied to well-known manufacturers at home and abroad. In addition to the above companies, the company has developed shutters and is committed to energy-saving products; it has also developed a digital learning system, after all business and learning activities have been digitized, and provided learning and examinations for newcomers to quickly enter and adapt to the needs of the workplace. In recent years, they have begun to develop B2C wearable products. If you link the functions of a watch with a smart phone, looking at the above, why companies can continuously innovate production, development and development? The key lies in the fact that the operators have unique insights, operate carefully, and develop the right product strategies.

2. Quickly respond to customer needs and build a good business physique

The company’s operators shared that the key to the so-called servitization of the manufacturing industry lies in how to meet customer needs as quickly as possible. AT will also win prizes. Its main strategy is to use external resources to examine itself. Since 1988, the products developed have won many awards. Taiwan Excellence Award, and has won the Little Giant Award, the National Rock Award, the Innovation Research Award and the Industry Excellence Award, etc., especially sharing that although the challenge failed 2 times, I persisted in the end, and successfully won the highest management award in Taiwan-the National Quality Award, in addition to In addition to the awards, what is really important is that the company has moved from a trader in the past to a professional manufacturer, promoted the service-oriented manufacturing, and moved towards brand management and B2C terminal products. The business map has expanded from Taiwan to Mainland China and Southeast Asia, and the organization has tripled its revenue in the past five years. the above. The AT company can have today’s business results and growth. The operator stated that the main strategy was to insist on delivering to Japan at the beginning. Although Japan has the most severe challenge to products, it is only because of this that it can create today’s AT company, and they realize that they don’t want to make products. To find the market, we should develop market products based on the future needs of the products. Therefore, although the company is a small and medium-sized enterprise, the company’s core competitive advantage is to respond quickly and remind yourself not to commit tissue obesity at any time. Although each function has a team responsible for it, The key link will be determined by the boss, who believes that the organization should make good use of the boss and self-recognize that the boss of the small and medium-sized enterprise should perform its due function. It is different from doing everything by hand, that is, what should be done or done. For this reason, it can reveal the operator’s intentions. The wisdom to shape the company’s good management physique appears.

3. Use the three abilities that operators must possess to prevent organizational risks and fulfill social responsibilities

Operators said that they were asked how to build talents in the process of transformation? Responding to talents looking for platforms, platforms also need to find Maxima, talents to select companies, not only looking at profit, but also looking at the future, thinking that the future development of the organization should be described Clearly, what can we play? What can we provide talents to learn? People are most worried about tomorrow’s hope. Therefore, corporate talents must be able to see tomorrow, and the company must continue to innovate on the platform. The chairman shares that the operator must have the following three abilities: 1. Must have the ability to tell stories-and Good eloquence, can create hope, employees naturally know the future of the company; 2. Must have the ability to plan the vision-let employees generate consensus and work together to realize the vision; 3. Must have the ability to continue to make profits-let employees have confidence and recognition Sense, stick to the quality of providing high-quality products and services, reduce organizational risks, and be more capable of giving back to the society. Operators believe that CSR corporate social feedback is very important. The company continues to clean up the social environment, as well as to care for the elderly and orphanages, and spare no effort in the development of humanities, arts and culture. In summary, outstanding business operators not only value talents, but also shape their own characteristics and abilities, surpass themselves, devote themselves to the company’s feedback, pay more attention to culture, and cultivate their three abilities, so that organizational talents can see tomorrow and do their best. Social responsibility.

4. Participate in promotion and development in the process of China Productivity Center

Since the successful listing of AT in 2002, the company has quickly deployed and is committed to strengthening the physical fitness. After the author exchanged opinions with the operator and the team on March 24, 2004, the TPIM diagnosis and counseling operations were successively carried out. AT became the CPC and introduced the Japanese TP. Manage (Total Productivity Management) localized TPIM (Total Performance Integration Management) technology companies. During the process, the author will talk about the spirit of TPIM and convey the key point that any company must respond to external competition, master the core competitive advantages of the company, and build an internal support system. , To let all departments understand each other’s key performance indicators, to build a set of own management and production or service models, work together for the goal, review and refinement, to achieve the expected results, to achieve the operator’s vision and goals, to assist AT The company introduced the TPIM system. In 2007, the AT company was transferred from the OTC to the listing, and the CPC continued to be assisted by senior consultants to assist in the national quality award guidance. In addition to continuing to implement the TPIM goals, the TQM committee was set up to complement each other, and internal implementation of 5S and proposal improvement systems and other quality basic tasks , In order to promote the company to implement the continuous improvement culture of all employees, and then introduce the business excellence performance assessment superior system (BEPASS), aiming at the eight aspects and proportions of the national quality award evaluation, from 1. Leadership (120), 2. Strategic Management (80), 3. R&D and Innovation (80), 4. Customer and Market Development (100), 5. Human Resources and Knowledge Management (80), 6. Information Strategy/Application and Management (80), 7. Process management (110) to 8. Operating performance (350), after explaining the connotation and essence one by one, let AT examine and aggregate the core values ​​one by one according to its aspect. In 2008, it challenged the National Quality Award again and successfully won the award. Among them, the award-winning organization must be rigorously reviewed to ensure that it is in Within three years, there have been no major consumer complaints, labor disputes, and major industrial safety incidents. In the process, the operator continued to lead the team to self-improve in this model, expanding the business map from Taiwan, Mainland China and Southeast Asia, and the performance has grown three times in five years. This time, he made a special visit to the chairman. Although AT is still a small and medium-sized enterprise, However, in terms of operation, it has gradually stabilized and matured in pursuit of operational excellence. It can also operate and develop independently after the introduction of the consultant model. For this reason, from the perspective of the China Productivity Center consultant, the company believes that the company has successfully absorbed the BEPASS operational excellence and TPIM spirit. Integration has successfully demonstrated excellent operation and performance integration management, and has become AT’s unique BEPIM (Business Excellence Performance Integration Management) excellent operation performance integration management model, which is hereby shared with readers.

Encourage Taiwanese (commercial) companies to build their own business model

To sum up, there is no distinction between the size of the company or the type of industry. In the face of a harsh external environment, whether or not it can survive the crisis and predicament depends on the level of the operator’s care. AT company is a mechanical and electrical product trader, and the operator listens carefully. The voice of customers has found a different entry point in the industry, and gradually transformed into small-scale processing of electromechanical manufacturing, and then developed digital learning products and applied them to the extraction of internal knowledge and talent cultivation, and then continued to go to wearable watches connected to mobile devices. During this visit, I felt the operator’s intentions, management wisdom and practical ability most deeply. Of course, through CPC’s inspiration of BEPIM’s excellent business performance integration management concept, the framework guides the introduction and implementation of excellent business models, and finds the highlights of each core aspect. In addition to winning the National Quality Award, more This allows the operators to find the key points of management, and to experience and show the energy of their own managers. After 10 years, the author feels that the operators have matured and have the leadership style. Of course, the company has also found the right management model. Construct the correct business strategy, master a good profit model, give back silently in terms of social responsibility, and gradually devote itself to the deep cultivation of culture. On the other hand, in order to survive and make profits, current enterprises forget the most basic quality maintenance and implementation of enterprises, and ignore social responsibilities such as industrial safety and food safety, and sacrifice the health of consumers and the lives of labor and the public, causing social anxiety and panic. It really violates the original intention of the establishment of the enterprise. For this reason, Taiwan (commercial) enterprises are encouraged to construct a set of their own business models, so as to implement management and fulfill social responsibilities, so that Taiwan’s competitiveness will continue to be cultivated in every corner. To thrive and develop will truly demonstrate Taiwan’s value and vitality, and enhance Taiwan’s positive image in the international community.


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